Media-Saturn launches Europe’s first consumer electronics retail accelerator with SPACELAB

Munich, 26.08.2015: With SPACELAB, Media-Saturn is launching Europe's first accelerator intended exclusively for startups in the consumer electronics retail sector. SPACELAB invests in startups and at the same time provides the founders with the opportunity to further develop their products or services with regard to strategy, marketing, sales, infrastructure and others over a period of 20 weeks.

Within the framework of SPACELAB, experts from Media-Saturn's management, as well as SPACELAB partners from industry and consulting, provide support in workshops and by means of mentoring. "We know that there are countless hungry founders with great ideas out there in the world of consumer electronics retail," explains Martin Sinner, himself the founder of idealo, who manages the Electronics Online Group (EOG) and SPACELAB at Media-Saturn. "SPACELAB is like a new type of business school for young entrepreneurs where we help founders ignite their company's next stage of development. Instead of this taking place in the lecture hall, it simply takes place in 'real life' at SPACELAB."

Prerequisites for participating in the SPACELAB accelerator are a minimum viable product or business model, a complete founding team and relevance for the consumer electronics retail market. Within the framework of the program, founders can take advantage of expert advice and help from Media-Saturn's entire network – from financials & planning (Ernst & Young), marketing strategy (Serviceplan) and supply chain management (Barkawi Management Consultants) through to know-how related to listing in the retail trade (Media-Saturn) and customer loyalty (PAYBACK). "We believe that the founders know very well which set of screws needs to be adjusted next to make the company even more successful," explains Sinner. "Here with us, you receive the best possible tools for doing this, as well as one of the strongest possible international partner with Media-Saturn." The first SPACELAB batch will start in the middle of November 2015. Applications for this program can be submitted until the middle of October. Further information is available at
www.ms-spacelab.com. This is also where you can apply to participate in the program.

Information on SPACELAB partner companies is available at www.ms-spacelab.com/partner. Mentors are featured at