Kids' stuff? Yes, please. New day-nursery in Ingolstadt cooperates with Media-Saturn

Ingolstadt, 12.6.2013: A new day nursery operated by the gfi Ingolstadt is opening in the southern part of the city under the name "Four Elements". Starting in October 2013, day -nursery places for a total of 48 children between the ages 0 and 3 will be available at Erni-Singerl-Straße 7. The project was realized by the City of Ingolstadt together with the Gesellschaft zur Förderung beruflicher und sozialer Integration (gfi) and in cooperation with Media-Saturn. The company has long been looking for an appropriate opportunity to offer daily daycare services for employees' children. Media-Saturn is therefore now contributing to the financing as a cooperation partner, which means that half of the places in the day-nursery can be taken up by children belonging to the company's own employees. The day-nursery concept pays special attention to the needs of working parents.

Parents can register their children now with the gfi. The registration period for places, which are expected to be available as from October 2013, ends 12.7.2013. You can obtain further information and register your child for a place with the gfi Ingolstadt under the telephone number 0841–9815-0 or via e-mail to E-Mail.

"We are pleased to be able to make this offer available to our employees in cooperation with such a competent partner," says Ralph Spangenberg, CHRO of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH. The company has been working successfully together with the gfi for a number of years within the framework of numerous measures intended to make it easier for employees to reconcile their professional life with their private life such as, for example, the childcare services that Media-Saturn provides for employees' children during the holidays.

Reconciling work and family life

"Reconciling their everyday work life with their family life is a huge daily challenge for many employees," says Ralph Spangenberg. "As a family-friendly employer, this offer represents an important step towards making it even easier to reconcile work and family life at Media-Saturn and meet our responsibilities." Accordingly, the day nursery concept pays special attention to providing working parents with a great deal of flexibility as the result of, for example, long opening hours during the week from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and avoiding fixed days when the nursery is closed as far as possible. "We see ourselves as a facility that complements and supports families and offers parents cooperation based on a partnership," says Michael Kick, manager of the gfi Ingolstadt.

The concept of the "Four Elements"

The gfi is responsible for the educational concept and organizational management of the facility. The day nursery will live up to its name "Four Elements": The children will be encouraged to play in the large, bright rooms of the newly constructed building and in the outdoor area, which will be kept as natural as possible. Each child will be nurtured individually in accordance with their development status. A large team of early childhood educators and childcare workers, who are provided with psychological and educational support, will provide the children with optimum care.

Registration is now possible

The facility, which comprises four groups, offers a total of 48 full-time places for children between the ages of 0 and 3. In addition to the places reserved for the children of Media-Saturn employees, the day nursery will also provide childcare for an additional 24 children. You can register your child for a place now with the gfi. The registration period for places, which are expected to be available as from October 2013, ends 12.7.2013.

An information event for all interested parents is being held on Tuesday, 2.7.2013, at 1:00 p.m., at the offices of gfi Ingolstadt, Viehmarktplatz 9.