Kids’ Digital Workshop: Saturn and HABA Digitalwerkstatt hold coding courses for youngsters

  • Children can learn how to program, build robots, experiment with 3D printing, and much more besides
  • Collaboration with HABA Digitalwerkstatt
  • Pilot project over six days (21–23, 28–30 March)

Ingolstadt, 22.03.2019: Digitalization has become indispensable in our everyday lives. It’s therefore all the more important to provide children with a basic understanding and skills when it comes to new technology – so that they can actively shape their lives in the digital world. How are games programmed? How do you make a robot? How does a 3D printer turn digital information into solid objects? Together with HABA Digitalwerkstatt, Saturn is taking a look behind the digital scenes and offering workshops to schoolchildren aged 8-10 where they can become creative digital inventors. From 21 to 23 and 28 to 30 March, the Saturn store on Alexanderplatz in Berlin is inviting children to attend its Kids’ Digital Workshop, where they can learn to use computers and tablets as creative tools. They’ll also be encouraged and aided to translate their own ideas into reality.

Martin Wild, Chief Innovation Officer of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, and Verena Pausder, founder and CEO of Fox & Sheep and HABA Digitalwerkstatt, together with the young programmers

Saturn already offers training courses in several stores aimed at adults and senior citizens. Now, Saturn is expanding its range of workshops and targeting the younger generation in a new pilot project. Saturn is teaming up with digital workshop HABA Digitalwerkstatt to teach programming skills on six training days and show participants how to build robots, use 3D printers and create animated films. Tech retailer Saturn wants to make technology tangible for everyone – not just children, but also the parents and grandparents accompanying them as they get to grips with digitalization.

“We’re delighted to be working with the renowned HABA Digitalwerkstatt in our pilot project. Saturn is all about ‘experiencing technology’ – and together with our partner, we’re now introducing very young people to new technologies. The Kids’ Digital Workshop is intended to help turn children from passive consumers into digital creators,” said Martin Wild, Chief Innovation Officer of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group.

Verena Pausder, founder and CEO of Fox & Sheep and HABA Digitalwerkstatt, added: “Our children are growing into a world that isn’t always easy to understand, even for adults. This begs the question for parents and teachers how to responsibly prepare their children and students for the digital future. At the Kids’ Digital Workshop, we’ve set up a creative educational and experiential space where children, parents and teachers can discover digital technologies together.”

Courses for school parties in the mornings – and for everyone in the afternoons

The Kids’ Digital Workshop will take place from 21 to 23 and 28 to 30 March at the Saturn store on Berlin’s famous Alexanderplatz. Courses will be held for school parties on the Thursday and Friday mornings, and for the general public in the afternoon. The family courses on the two Saturdays are open to everyone.

Coding Workshop: Thursday, 10.30am to 1.30pm and 3.30 to 6.30pm

This workshop is a fun introduction to coding for children aged 8–10. Accompanied and supported by experienced trainers, participants will explore the creative possibilities of the visual programming language Scratch and program their own games. The workshop will revolve around the shared experience and discovery of important concepts of digital technology.

Robotics Workshop: Friday, 10.30am to 12.30pm and 3.30 to 6.30pm

In this workshop, children aged 8–10 will work together in small teams to build their own robots. They’ll use a construction kit with components which can be screwed together and powerful electronics. The children will program their robots by using a visual programming language before tackling exciting challenges together. This will give them a fun introduction to coding, robotics, and the basic principles of electronics.

Family Coding Workshop: Saturday, 10.30am to 1.30pm

What could be better than carrying out exciting projects at the weekend with the whole family? In this workshop, children aged 8-10 will have an opportunity to experiment, make things and programme – either with their parents or in teams with other participants if they prefer. Working together, they’ll discover the creative possibilities of new technology and gain an active, creative and positive insight into the digital world.

Family Robotics Workshop: Saturday, 10.30am to 1.30pm

Fancy trying out something new and making exciting discoveries? In this family workshop, children aged 8–10 and their parents can discover the basic principles of digital technology and electrical engineering. Working in teams, they’ll assemble robots, program them, and master exciting challenges. No previous knowledge required.