The high art of television: PEAQ launches ultraflat TVs at bargain prices

Ingolstadt, 16.09.2019: State-of-the-art ultra-high-definition television needn’t be expensive. This has been demonstrated by PEAQ, one of the own brands of MediaMarkt and Saturn, in time for this year’s IFA with two new TV sets offering sensational value for money. But that’s not all, for as well as technical features leaving nothing to be desired, the breathtaking super-slim design of the two PEAQ TVs is also stunning. Measuring 65" (PEAQ PTV 65U0-IS) and 55" (PEAQ PTV 55U0-IS), the two wafer-thin televisions are a smart addition to any living room wall.

Wafer-thin and jam-packed with features

Just 8.3 and 7.8 millimetres thick, the PEAQ PTV 65U0-IS and the PEAQ PTV 55U0-IS are almost as thin as a tablet computer. Nevertheless, they’re bursting with the finest TV engineering. Both smart TVs come with excellent 4K HDR technology, a triple tuner to pick up cable, satellite and terrestrial TV, energy-saving E-LED backlighting, and rich DTS-TruSurround. These new PEAQ TV stars come with a diagonal display size of 165 centimetres (65 inches) or 135 centimetres (55 inches). And PEAQ hasn’t cut any corners as far as connectivity is concerned, for both models each come with three HDMI and two USB ports as well as AV-IN, digital audio out, LAN and CI+. Netflix and YouTube are already pre-installed and can be easily launched at the push of a button on the remote control.

Knowledge is power: UHDTV tips from MediaMarkt experts

The more sophisticated the technology, the more confusing the abbreviations: UHD, HDR, 4K, DTS. In fact, customers have to get to grips with a bunch of jargon when buying a new TV. As TV expert Klaus Witte from MediaMarkt in Berlin explains: “HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a technology which can reproduce contrasts and differences in brightness in great detail. UHD, on the other hand, means Ultra High Definition and generally refers to a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. UHD resolution is also known colloquially as 4K.”

Get closer with UHD

According to Klaus Witte, one key advantage of Ultra HD is that its higher resolution allows viewers to sit closer to the screen than with Full HD. “If you’re watching 4K content on a 55-inch television, a distance of just 1.30 metres from the screen is sufficient. This means customers can still choose a large TV for small living rooms without running the risk of the picture looking blurred or pixelated.” What’s more, Klaus is familiar with the commonest questions customers ask when buying a TV and shares the answers with us …
On a 4K TV, can all channels be watched in UHD resolution?
“Only if the channels are also broadcast in UHD. Then again, UHD sets display non-UHD signals in higher resolution. A processor in the TV called a video scaler recalculates the pictures – a feature which is also called upscaling.
How do I tell what the best size TV is for me?
“When you buy a new TV, the best size depends on how far away from the set you can or want to sit. Simply measure how far away from the TV you’ll be with a piece of string and then look at potential new televisions at your electrical retailer from the same distance. The higher the resolution, the bigger the display size can be.”
Do PEAQ TVs have a sound quality matching the picture?
“PEAQ’s new TVs support DTS multichannel audio. This gives you a real cinema feel in your living room, both optically and acoustically. The combination of PEAQ UHD resolution and cinema sound makes watching television great fun!”
What do I need to consider when choosing where to put a television?
“A television needs to be in a position where as little light as possible shines on the screen. You should choose the height so that you don’t have to look up or down when watching. Whether a TV is hung on the wall or standing on a piece of furniture is entirely up to you.”

And what´s the best way to clean the screen?
“It’s best to use a microfibre cloth and special cleaning agents – accessories which can be bought at any electrical store. They won’t damage your TV by scratching the surface of the screen.”

Prices and availability

The brand new PEAQ TVs are available from September exclusively at MediaMarkt and Saturn as well as online at www.mediamarkt.de and www.saturn.de. The 55" PTV 55U0-IS costs €499 (RRP) while the larger 65" PEAQ PTV 65U0-IS is priced at €699 (UVP).

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