Handels-Innovationen bei Saturn: Elektrofachhändler zeigt, was Multichannel heute kann, und interpretiert Kundenservice neu

Ingolstadt, 28.10.2014: While the topic multichannel is still being heatedly discussed in the retail industry, Saturn is already showing just what can be achieved today when the online and offline shopping experiences are linked at their updated store in Ingolstadt. In combination with a new service concept, the consumer electronics retailer is setting new standards when it comes to customer orientation. The PoS innovations are being showcased at the updated Saturn store in the Westpark shopping center. The store is seamlessly linked to saturn.de by means of online terminals and departmental tablets. New services such as a customer management system for shorter waiting times, a 24-hour pickup station and comprehensive "carefree" packages for mobile devices are tailored to the customers' changed service needs. Presentation formats such as a "Networked World" and a "Beauty World" turn the spotlight on trends and themed retail areas. The store thus serves as a model within the company as a whole. The opening is on Wednesday, 29.10.2014, at 6 a.m.

Ever since the launch of its online shop in October 2011, Saturn has been systematically pressing ahead with its transformation into a multichannel retailer. "A key component of our business model is to be wherever our customers want to take advantage of our offerings," says Carsten Strese, Managing Director of Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH and responsible for sales and marketing for the Saturn brand. "In addition to a comprehensive, user-friendly online shop with a mobile app, we want to fully exploit the strengths and opportunities offered by fixed-location retailing and closely integrate these sales channels." Saturn is also underscoring this point in the advertising campaign it launched in October under the motto "Everybody loves Tech-Nick", which once again features the brand's likable advertising figurehead, Tech-Nick. "We are thus focusing to an even greater extent on the core elements of the brand – enthusiasm for technology, technological expertise and the integration of online retailing with our conventional Saturn stores," says Carsten Strese.

Bernd Brückner, Head of Expansion Saturn at Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH, explains, "Customers who enter our stores today want technology they can touch, try out and understand, and they want to be given expert advice. As far as the stores are concerned, this means even greater focus on the shopping experience, our technological expertise and the expansion of service offerings. In this context, it is our employees who play a crucial role. They are the ones who have to deal in depth with the opportunities offered and the challenges posed by sales based on a multichannel concept. We are therefore systematically pursuing the positioning of Saturn as an attractive employer and providing new impetus and offerings for training and employee development within the framework of the human resource development initiative "Generation Multichannel".

The new concepts that the company is presenting at the store in Ingolstadt are setting new standards for all Saturn stores, and it is intended that they gradually be introduced at the other stores.

A reinterpretation of service

Saturn has made significant further progress developing and optimizing its service concept. When customers enter the store, they immediately find themselves in a spacious info lounge. This is the first point of contact when picking up products ordered online and for getting answers to questions of any kind. It is also where a true service innovation can be found: Customers can register at an interactive terminal and are given the next available appointment with a specialist advisor. If desired, customers can also be notified via a text message sent to their mobile phone as soon as a member of the service staff becomes available. This reduces and organizes waiting times. Instead of having to wait around, customers can use the time to look around the store. Customers can also surf the Internet free of charge at built-in tablets, drink coffee or charge their mobile devices in the lounge.

The new service concept also gives due consideration to the fact that the specific needs of customers often involve mobile end devices. Therefore the main point of contact for services of all kinds is situated in the department for mobile communications and networking, the "Networked World". This is where customers will find everything they need for a mobile and networked life – the latest smartphones and tablets, wearables and appcessories, as well as smart home security systems. At the same time, they can also conclude mobile telephone contracts and take advantage of a significantly expanded portfolio of services: from starter packages for smartphones and PCs to on-the-spot repairs right through to the 3D printing of individualized mobile phone and tablet cases and covers. Saturn also offers customers the option of having their new PC set up at their own home or a complete smart home solution installed. The range of services is complemented by training courses dealing with the Internet, mobile devices and photography that are held at the Saturn store in Ingolstadt.

Virtual shelf extensions

Saturn offers customers a seamless transition between shopping online and offline in the individual departments. On the one hand, tablets that serve as virtual shelf extensions are installed in each department and provide access to the entire product portfolio available at saturn.de. On the other, customers can also browse the online product portfolio at a number of terminals dotted throughout the store, scan in the product they are looking for – should it not be available in the store – directly from the screen via smartphone, purchase it online and if desired have it delivered to their home or pick it up in the store themselves.

Digital price tags

The Saturn store in Ingolstadt is one of the first stores to use digital price tags. It is intended that these gradually be introduced at all the other Saturn stores. The digital price tags allow prices to be adjusted at the press of a button, something from which customers and employees profit equally. It means that little effort is required to ensure that customers always find an up-to-date and attractively priced offering.

Competence through themed retail areas and product worlds

The presentation of the products in separate themed areas allows Saturn to make it easier for customers to find the right product and make a decision to buy. The specially designed Beauty World, for example, primarily targets female customers and showcases a wide range of personal hygiene products. In the Kitchen World, customers can plan and order their own individual kitchen online via live chat. Presentation areas for selected manufacturers like Samsung or the only Apple shop in the city serve to underscore Saturn's expertise when it comes to technological innovations.

24-hour pickup station

Saturn has also responded to changes in the buying behavior of consumers with the first 24-hour pickup station. This is where customers can pick up the products they purchased online outside of regular opening hours. The goods are made available at the pickup station after the store has closed. The customer is then notified of the 24-hour pickup option via text message or e-mail and is sent an individual numeric code that they can use to open the lockers that are located outside of the store.

The consumer electronics retailer creates a completely new shopping environment thanks to a fresh new design, atmospheric LED lighting, modern fixtures and fittings, and numerous creative point-of-sale ideas. A drive-in where customers can pick up their goods without leaving their car and charge points for electric cars complete the picture. The flagship store in Ingolstadt opens Wednesday, 29 October 2014, at 6 a.m.