Google Pay now accepted at MediaMarkt and Saturn

Ingolstadt, 26 June 2018 – It’s now even easier and quicker for customers to pay at the checkouts of MediaMarkt and Saturn – for all the German stores of the two consumer electronics retailers now accept Google Pay. MediaMarkt and Saturn are among the first retailers in Germany to support Google’s digital wallet platform right from the start. All customers need is an NFC-enabled Android smartphone on which the Google Pay app has been installed and activated with a credit card issued by a partner bank.

“Since we’re a consumer electronics retailer, we sell the products which make digitalization possible. It’s thus only natural for us to offer our customers the option of using their own smartphone in the shopping process, for instance to obtain information such as product reviews and comparisons – and when paying at the checkout. Google Pay will make this even easier and faster in future. This is a real bonus – not just for the person paying, but also for the customers queuing behind them and the cashier,” said Lennart Wehrmeier, COO MediaMarktSaturn Germany, who is responsible for Service & Solutions for both sales brands. The groundwork was done back in late 2015 when all payment terminals in MediaMarktSaturn’s 430 or so stores were fitted with NFC (near-field communication) technology enabling contactless payments by credit cards and debit cards as well as mobile payments by smartphone.

Paying with Google Pay is simplicity itself. The customer activates the screen of their Android smartphone or their Android smartwatch on which the Google Pay app has been installed and activated, and simply holds it up to the payment terminal. After the transaction, customers receive useful information on their phone about their most recent purchases.

Following the launch of Google Pay in MediaMarkt’s and Saturn’s bricks-and-mortar stores, both retailers are now planning to implement this new payment option in their online shops. In addition to the usual payment methods, there’ll be a new button marked ‘Pay with Google Pay’. Once the user has logged on using the Chrome browser, all it takes is a few clicks to complete their purchase.

In addition, the company is working on integrating Google Pay into its Google Assistant. In a pilot project, MediaMarktSaturn is currently trialling initial functions in voice commerce. For example, customers can already order the current MediaMarkt Bargain through the Google Assistant. The user is guided step by step through the ordering process by the language assistant, which finally places the order if the user so wishes. In future, it should be possible to make payments using Google Pay directly via the virtual assistant.