Germany wants to find out: MediaMarkt and Saturn launch their first-ever joint brand campaign

  • MediaMarkt and Saturn compete against each other for the very first time in a joint, tongue-in-cheek campaign
  • Advertising campaign concentrates on the advantages of the two brands as multichannel retailers as well as their customer services
  • Campaign launches on 28 October 2019 with prominent testimonials

Ingolstadt, 28.10.2019: One group, two brands, one advertising campaign. For the first time in its history, MediaMarktSaturn Germany is pitting its two brands MediaMarkt and Saturn against each other in a joint image campaign. Under the slogan “Germany wants to find out”, the two tech retailers are vying to see who customers prefer and starting an entertaining duel. In this battle, MediaMarkt and Saturn are demonstrating their advantages as multichannel retailers and also showing their services, emphasizing that they always do their best for their customers. The characters appearing in the campaign include celebrities like Barbara Schöneberger, Boris Becker and Pietro Lombardi as well as ordinary members of the public. The new brand campaign can be seen from 28 October 2019 throughout Germany on TV, in cinemas, online, on MediaMarkt’s and Saturn’s social media channels, and in the POS.

In their latest and first-ever joint brand campaign, the two consumer electronics retailers are showing that MediaMarkt and Saturn have much more to offer than just extensive product ranges, low prices and special offers. They’re focusing on their advantages as multichannel retailers, i.e. the fact that customers can flexibly move between different sales channels and even combine them at will. And the two brands are also drawing attention to their numerous customer services ranging from delivery and installation to while-you-wait smartphone repairs. “In this campaign, we’re concentrating on strengthening our brand image and simultaneously intend to raise awareness of our multichannel and service offerings. After all, they’re ways in which we offer our customers real added value which they can only experience in this form by coming to us,” says Florian Gietl, CEO of MediaMarktSaturn Germany. “We’re also treading innovative paths in communication. For the first time, we’re having our two brands compete against each other in a joint campaign and making it clear that MediaMarkt and Saturn are primarily concerned with using their strengths to benefit their customers.”

At the heart of the campaign are eight entertaining, amusing commercials in which Saturn and MediaMarkt emphasize they have the right solution for all their customers’ needs and wishes. They’re aided by numerous stars: while tennis legend Boris Becker, singer Pietro Lombardi and YouTuber Bianca Classen (Bibi) support Saturn, presenter and multi-talent Barbara Schöneberger, debt advisor Peter Zwegat and YouTuber Julien Bam stick up for MediaMarkt. In addition, the brands are championed by ordinary people, too, such as kindergarten teachers with piles of dirty laundry and also elderly gaming enthusiasts.

Big campaign rollout on 28 October 2019

After a one-week teaser phase, the campaign is launching nationwide on 28 October 2019. The TV commercials are accompanied by backlit billboards featuring celebrity motifs and which have been designed to attract attention both individually and by referring to each other. The campaign’s digital home and interactive element are the two microsites www.mediamarkt.de/istbesser and www.saturn.de/istbesser, where all the campaign films can be viewed. In addition, a competition has been included which encourages participants to set Saturn or MediaMarkt their own personal tech challenge. Each month, two of the challenges sent in will be chosen: one for MediaMarkt and the other for Saturn. How they deal with their challenges will be filmed and displayed on the respective microsites.

Additional attention will be generated by humorous communication on both retailers’ social media channels, in cinema advertising in the run-up to Christmas, as well as on posters and displays in all MediaMarkt and Saturn stores. Following heavy coverage in the media from the end of October to the end of December, the campaign will continue until late April 2020.

The team behind the battle

The joint brand campaign was developed by the creative team from Zum Goldenen Hirschen in Munich, which has been MediaMarkt’s lead agency since 2015. The agency is now working for both MediaMarkt and Saturn.

TV spot "Germany wants to find out", Boris Becker for SATURN

TV spot "Germany wants to find out", Barbara Schöneberger for MediaMarkt