Festival essentials - The ISY festival guide: These gadgets will ensure you’re well prepared for this summer’s open-airs!

Ingolstadt, 9 May 2019 – Germany’s summer festival season will kick off in early June with Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. Mind you, it’s not just rock fans who are in for a treat over the next few months – for whether you’re into reggae, electro or heavy metal, there’s something for everyone at Germany’s music festivals this summer! To maximize your fun, make sure you pack the right equipment. And ISY, one of MediaMarkt’s and Saturn’s own brands, has just the gadgets you need: table tripods, powerbanks and selfie sticks.

Stable photos from any angle for your festival album: ISY Table Tripod

If you want to take good photos despite the crush, you’ll need a smart tripod. Thanks to their flexible rubberized legs and feet, ISY Table Tripods (ITT 750, ITT 500) ensure stability not just on uneven ground but even on branches and fences. In addition to taking snapshots, action cams and camcorders can also be mounted on these handy tripods with 360° rotation in an instant, allowing you to capture festival evenings or even spontaneous performances by your friends for posterity.

Never run out of power again: ISY Powerbanks

Rock festivals can certainly sap your energy – and the same can be said of smartphones and other gadgets! But if your battery’s gone flat, you can hook up your device to one of ISY’s Powerbanks and recharge it in next to no time, either while watching a band onstage or afterwards back in your tent. Choose from the IAP 3800 (10,000 mah) or the IAP 8000 (20,000 mah).

An ISY way to capture the festival atmosphere in photos: ISY Selfie Sticks

Festival memories captured with ISY’s Selfie Sticks take on a whole new perspective. And there are no limits to your creativity, for you can try out all sorts of ideas with a selfie stick, including overhead shots, side shots or upward views. For professional festival snapshots, however, it’s important to keep the stick steady. The ISW 510 and ISW 2001 Corded Selfie Sticks are connected to your smartphone by cable. Those who prefer a wireless solution should go for the Bluetooth-based ISW 1001.

The ISY festival guide to the coolest festivals in Germany this summer 

June/July 2019

1 June – 7 September Holi Festival, various venues

7–9 June Rock am Ring, Nürburg

7–9 June Rock im Park, Nuremberg

21–23 June Southside, Neuhausen

21–23 June Hurricane, Scheessel

5–7 July Summerjam, Cologne

10–14 July Airbeat-One, Neustadt-Glewe

11–13 July SPLASH! Festival, Gräfenhainichen

19–21 July MELT! Festival, Gräfenhainichen

18–21 July Deichbrand, Cuxhaven/Nordholz

August/September 2019

1–3 August Wacken Open Air, Wacken

2–4 August Nature One, Pydna

16–18 August Highfield Festival, Lake Störmthal, Grosspösna, Leipzig

16–18 August Ms Dockville, Hamburg

17 August Echelon, Bad Aibling

7–8 September Lollapalooza, Berlin

Prices and availability

All items are immediately available exclusively from MediaMarkt and Saturn as well as on mediamarkt.de and saturn.de. The ISY ITT 750 Table Tripod costs €12.99 (RRP) while the smaller ITT 500 is priced at €7.99 (RRP). The IAP 3800 and IAP 8000 Powerbanks are priced at €14.99 (RRP) and €29.99 (RRP), respectively. The ISW 510 Selfie Stick costs €7.99 (RRP), the ISW 1001 is priced at €14.99 (RRP), and the ISW 2001 is also available for €14.99 (RRP).

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