E-scooters to go: MediaMarkt and Saturn team up with Grover to lease electric scooters across Germany

  • MediaMarkt and Saturn stores and webshops now leasing e-scooters
  • Minimum leasing period just one month
  • Favourable alternative to scooter hire firms

Ingolstadt, 22.10.2019: Nippy, fast and highly practical: electric scooters get their riders smoothly to their destination, especially over short distances. Hitherto, it’s mainly city dwellers and visitors who’ve been able to try out e-scooters thanks to local hire schemes. But now MediaMarktSaturn is enabling e-scooters to be leased for a fixed period throughout Germany in conjunction with the Berlin-based fintech Grover. Customers can conveniently lease e-scooters in all MediaMarkt and Saturn stores in Germany as well as online for a minimum period of just one month. The monthly fee also includes statutory insurance and return costs. The big advantage is that if you lease an e-scooter from a bricks-and-mortar store, you can drive off on it straightaway!

“E-scooters to go” is now the motto at MediaMarkt and Saturn! As well as stocking their first e-scooters, both consumer electronics retailers have introduced an attractive leasing model. Anyone who wants to use one of these snazzy speedsters for an extended period without having to buy one outright can now simply lease an electric kick scooter at any Saturn or MediaMarkt store in Germany or from their webshops. Working with Grover, the two retailers are already providing customers with roadworthy e-scooters for a period of as little as a month; minimum leasing periods of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months are possible. This means that customers can have an e-scooter completely at their disposal for a lengthy period of time. What’s more, they retain full cost control thanks to fixed monthly payments and no longer have to waste time searching for the nearest available scooter.

Sign the lease – and off you go!

This is how it works. In a webshop or bricks-and-mortar store, the customer chooses their e-scooter and the desired minimum leasing term with Grover. On signing the lease, the customer also receives liability insurance, which is legally required in Germany to ride an e-scooter. Those leasing a scooter online receive a ready-to-ride e-scooter complete with an insurance sticker attached within a few days. If the scooter is purchased from a store, the insurance sticker is affixed there and then, allowing customers to ride off immediately. If need be, they can also purchase accessories such as a helmet or lock.

In addition to statutory insurance, the monthly leasing payment also includes the Grover Care protection scheme, under which Grover covers 90 per cent of the repair costs for usual damage of all kinds. And it also includes the return costs at the end of the leasing term. Once the desired minimum period has expired, the customer simply returns the scooter to Grover by first downloading a return label from their Grover customer account set up when they signed the lease. At the end of the rental period, the lease can be extended online, or alternatively, the current monthly fee continues to be charged if the scooter isn’t returned. And for those who love their electric scooter so much that they don’t want to go without it, Grover also offers a purchase option so that they can keep it forever!

Leasing offer kicks off with Technostar TES 200 and iconBIT Tracer Street

Saturn is launching its leasing of e-scooters with the Technostar TES 200 E-RICH while MediaMarkt is offering the IK-1972K TRACER Street made by iconBIT. Thanks to a choice of leasing periods, customers can enjoy the benefits of an e-scooter for either a short or long period at attractive rates. The longer the leasing period selected, the lower the monthly payment. The range of models available will of course be successively expanded to include other models.

Current models and payments:

                                                     Leasing periods and monthly payments

E-scooter Model 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months


€99.90 €69.90 €49.90 €29.90


€99.90 €69.90 €49.90 €29.90

For more details, please visit MediaMarkt and Saturn.