Donation ceremony at Media-Saturn: Proceeds from raffle donated to non-profit organizations in the Ingolstadt region

Ingolstadt, 21.03.2014: For many years, Media-Saturn employees have combined celebrations and parties with support for good causes. The proceeds from the raffle held at the group's year-end party were handed over to 20 non-profit organizations in Ingolstadt and the surrounding region on Friday, 21 March 2014. This year, Media-Saturn donated a total of 66,000 euros.

Horst Norberg, CEO and chairman of the management board of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, first of all thanked the representatives for their – in some cases – years of social commitment before personally handing over the checks.

A sum of 10,000 euros was donated to each of the following:

  • Familien in Not e.V.
  • represented by Sibylle Hertel and Angelika Stadler
  • Hollerhaus – Verein für Körper- and Mehrfachbehinderte e.V.
  • represented by Reinhard Mußemann and Maike Stikarowski
  • INGENIUM Stiftung für Menschen mit Demenzerkrankung
  • represented by Mathilde Greil

A sum of 5,000 euros was donated to each of the following:

  • Alzheimer Gesellschaft Ingolstadt e.V.
  • represented by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hartmann
  • Curabo Pflege GmbH
  • represented by Dr. Winfried Teschauer
  • "Miteinander – Füreinander" Seniorenhilfe e.V. Ingolstadt
  • represented by Manfred Hirschfelder and Johannes Molz

A sum of 1,500 euros was donated to each of the following:

  • AWO Seniorenzentrum Katharinengarten
  • represented by Ralph Bartoschek
  • ELISA e.V.
  • represented by Renate Fabritius-Glaßner and Dr. Christian Hackl
  • Förderkreis für Evangelische Jugendarbeit e.V.
  • represented by Mehmet Celik
  • Förderverein Beratungszentrum für Frauen Ingolstadt e.V.
  • represented by Rosemarie Creusen and Jutta Krause-Wegmann
  • Förderverein "Freunde der Sophie-Scholl-Schule e.V."
  • represented by Stephan Strohmeyer
  • Förderverein zu Unterstützung Krebskranker Region Ingolstadt e.V.
  • represented by Christa Jesske and Elisabeth Thomas
  • Freiwilligen Agentur Ingolstadt e.V.
  • represented by Veronika Peters and Günther Menig
  • Gehörlosenverein Ingolstadt and Umgebung e.V.
  • represented by Yvonne Zoi and Ronja Kunze
  • Insel e.V.
  • represented by Inge Kunze-Bechstädt and Karin Mahncke
  • KlinikClowns Bayern e.V.
  • represented by Elisabeth Makepeace
  • Morgentau Kinder e.V.
  • represented by Christoph Rusch and Katharina Götz
  • Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V.
  • represented by Elisabeth Zöpfl and Eva-Maria Kipfelsberger
  • Verein "Hilfe für das behinderte Kind e.V."
  • represented by Franz Schreyer
  • Verein Jugendhilfe Region 10 e.V.
  • represented by Derya Basal

"We would like to express our great appreciation to those who – often on a voluntary basis – are so committed to helping people who find themselves in difficult situations and making their lives easier," said Horst Norberg. Media-Saturn carefully selects the charitable organizations that receive the donations: "The raffle is an integral part of our year-end party, and it is a pleasure to see just how many Media-Saturn employees once again participated in last year's raffle. I repeatedly hear that it gives them a particularly good feeling knowing which organizations in the region they are supporting by buying raffle tickets. So please also see these donations as a thank-you from our employees for your commitment and the work that you do."