Corporate News: Let’s go!: MediaMarktSaturn launches new brand campaign for MediaMarkt all over Europe / New brand identity with focus on Customer Experience

MediaMarktSaturn has developed an international campaign concept for its MediaMarkt brand together with its new lead creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi. For the first time, it will be rolled out company-wide in all 13 countries in which MediaMarkt is active. The campaign is based on a new brand purpose and is thus characterised by the strategic reorientation of the company, which focuses on the customer experience and personal advice. The core and unifying element of the campaign is the claim "Let's go!", which interlinks all communication across all channels. In Germany, the campaign will start on 1 October 2022.

"MediaMarkt is back! It's time to harness the strength of the brand again," explains Michael Schuld, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. "We want to offer our customers experiences and make technology tangible in a special way. Our claim 'Let's go!' stands for the power that arises when you tackle things together. When you just get going. When you dare, when you do." 

MediaMarktSaturn creates experience electronics to enrich people’s life

The electronics retailer, which once established consumer electronics as a new category, is now redefining this category as part of its strategic development: MediaMarktSaturn uses the term "Experience Electronics" to describe its repositioning - and at the same time the range of services for its customers. At MediaMarktSaturn, they can touch, try out and get to know products, in other words, experience them in the truest sense of the word. Technology thus becomes an exciting, positive adventure along the entire customer journey - from on-site testing to optimal set-up at home. "Our goal is to make technology accessible to everyone and to get the best out of technology. With the right content, the right advice and the right service. This is exactly what our new brand campaign shows," explains Michael Schuld.

The campaign focuses on people in all their diversity, taking them on their journey through the world of technology. "'Let's go!' is an invitation to our customers to rediscover technology and also the enthusiasm for it. 'Let's go!' stands for all the possibilities that technology offers people and for the experiences that we make possible for our customers through personal advice and suitable services. As a competent partner, we offer our customers orientation, on all channels. In the local store as well as online," says Michael Schuld. "We ensure participation, in line with our new purpose: We create experience electronics to enrich people’s life.”

Emotional campaign with "evidence"

Three essential elements strengthen the new brand image. The emotional charge of the campaign, which also appears in a new look, activates and moves customers. At the same time, there is a focus on communicating the diverse services with which the company demonstrates its close customer orientation. The last and third component of the campaign is the promotion of products and offers, also on seasonal occasions such as Black Friday or Christmas. The claim "Let's go!" is the link between all marketing activities and forms the umbrella for all communication - not only externally but also internally.

The cross-media brand campaign will be launched in Germany on 1 October. There, it will start with a brand film, followed by three service spots from 8 October. After the start of the campaign in Germany, the launch will take place successively in all other countries where MediaMarkt is at home.

First employer branding campaign rolled out across the Group

The company's employer branding is also in line with the new brand identity. Under the claim "Let's go!", MediaMarktSaturn is launching an internationally uniform employer branding campaign for the first time in October. It will be rolled out step by step in all 13 European countries in which the company is active. Germany will be the first. Our employees are at the centre of the cross-media campaign. They stand for the diversity in the company and at the same time convey the range of the individual job profiles. Above all, they show what MediaMarktSaturn is all about: team spirit, customer orientation and enthusiasm for technology. "With this employer branding campaign, we are creating an international employer brand identity for the first time. That’s how we want to inspire people to join us in shaping the successful future of a great company," says Iris Prüfer, Chief Human Resources Officer of the group.

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