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At MediaMarktSaturn, employee smartphones enable seamless integration of all sales channels - for the benefit of customer and employee satisfaction

Product information and comparisons at a glance, inventory check in real time, quick comparison of competitor prices online and directly shipping the product at home?  All this while talking to the customer? Is that possible? Yes, it is possible with MediaMarktSaturn. Europe's leading consumer electronics retailer is equipping its employees in all of its 1,000 stores across Europe with special smartphones for customer service and employee communications. These smartphones provide all the relevant information for the best possible customer service. Special communication apps also facilitate internal communication with and among employees.

With this initiative, MediaMarktSaturn is consistently driving forward its digitization across all channels. As a key component of the omnichannel strategy - the availability of products, services and consulting both online and offline across all channels - this new platform enables seamless integration of all sales and communication channels. The employee smartphones contribute to significantly more efficient internal communication and thus to a clear improvement in customer and employee satisfaction.

"With these smartphones and the apps developed especially for them, we are taking an important step in the digitization of sales processes in our stores. This initiative is a central component of our omnichannel strategy", emphasizes Marius Lückemeyer, Vice President (VP) Omnichannel of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. "We are thus giving our employees in the stores permanent access to our digital platform. At the same time, we increase the quality of consulting and customer satisfaction."

First feedbacks from customers and employees are thoroughly positive and confirm the enormous benefit of the smart companions. The heart of the employee smartphones is the sales assistance app "MyStore". It enables employees to check all product information directly at the sales shelf, compare products, check the availability of goods online or on site or in nearby stores, compare competitive prices, retrieve customers' coupons if desired, and trigger online orders. In doing so, store employees can competently provide their customers with all the information they need within a very short time. The pick-up process for products ordered online is also digitized with the help of optimized apps, making it significantly faster and easier.   

Launched as a pilot project in Hamburg in November 2019, the roll-out in Germany has now been successfully completed. In the next step, the diverse options offered by this initiative will be successively made available in all European countries where MediaMarktSaturn is represented until summer 2021.

MediaMarktSaturn is continuing to drive forward its digitization efforts with the diverse options offered by employee smartphones. At the same time, the company is also contributing to its strategic goal of continuously improving quality and service. Providing the best service for its customers across all channels is clearly the top priority for Europe's leading retailer of consumer electronics.  For example, MediaMarktSaturn recently became an "Authorized Apple Service Provider" and can now offer immediate iPhone repairs with original Apple spare parts at its popular "SmartBars".

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