Corporate News: “Solutions Made For Me”

MediaMarktSaturn launches new Europe-wide brand campaign – Extension of MediaMarkt's successful 'Made for me' campaign focuses on service portfolio – Saturn also initiates new campaign

With the launch of “Made for me” in December 2020, MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group (MMSRG) started a consistent Europe-wide campaign for its MediaMarkt brand for the first time in its history. Products and emotions had been in the focus of it. MediaMarkt's new pan-European service campaign now emphasizes its omnichannel strategy - i.e. ensuring the availability of products, services and advice online and offline across all channels. The spots, stories and artwork highlight services and solutions in particular. At the same time, the Saturn brand is also launching a new campaign. Here, the slogan is “You want more – you get more.”

“With this new chapter in our campaign, we are once again putting our customers with their individual wishes and requirements at the center of what we do. These spots show what our company stands for: We want to share our passion for consumer technologies with everyone. Technology offers unlimited possibilities. Used properly, it enriches people´s lives,” explains Giuseppe Cunetta, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer (CMDO) of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. “In both MediaMarkt and Saturn campaigns, we want to make it clear to our customers: We support you before, during and also after the purchase. That's why the new spots focus on the topics of customer advice, ‘click & collect’ service with 29-minute pick-up, instant repair in the Smartbars or professional set up of purchased devices”.

Since December 2020, MediaMarktSaturn has been putting the customer at the center of attention in an extraordinary way with the “Made for me” campaign created by Italian agency Armando Testa. The M-branded products and services have been in fact a metaphor of the company´s dedication to always help every single customer to navigate the consumer electronics world at the discovery of the perfect fit for every one’s requirements.

Now the MediaMarktSaturn is opening another chapter in its positioning as Europe's leading consumer electronics retailer. The basis of the second stage of the Europe-wide campaign is an action-packed, 60-second film that tells all about the stores' service power. In addition to airing in cinemas, shorter TV and online spots will highlight the individual services. The campaign will also be accompanied in the paid and owned channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

The second campaign started in Germany under the slogan “If service, then do it right”. Until the end of November, the campaigns will also run in Belgium, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Saturn service campaign in Germany

Likewise, the service campaign "You want more – you get more." of the Saturn brand has been launched in Germany. With spots on TV, in cinemas and online as well as social media advertising, the two-month Saturn campaign also focuses on the brand's extensive service portfolio. In contrast to MediaMarkt, the Saturn campaign is aimed at an more urban target group.

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