Campaign launched to celebrate multichannel anniversary: Let your hair down! MediaMarkt celebrates fifth anniversary of its online shop with Rapunzel

Ingolstadt, 17.05.2017: MediaMarkt is marking the fifth birthday of its online shop with a major campaign – and there are bargains to ‘dye’ for! Germany’s number one consumer electronics retailer is celebrating its successful multichannel concept in a campaign lasting nearly a fortnight highlighting the many customer benefits and services associated with it. Multichannel at MediaMarkt is being showcased in a specially produced TV advert featuring Rapunzel, which will be accompanied by advertisements in the print media, online, on the radio, at the POS and on social media.

Five years ago, MediaMarkt launched its online shop – and laid the foundations for the merger between its bricks-and-mortar stores and its digital business. By doing so, the company positioned itself as a retailer offering a full customer experience across all sales channels – and also the opportunity to flexibly combine all online and offline services.

In the campaign starting on May 17th, MediaMarkt will be focusing on the many advantages and services resulting from combining different sales channels – such as ordering online for collection in your nearest store, checking in-store product availability online, and in-store exchange and repair services.

Hair today and gone tomorrow…

The campaign developed by advertising agency Zum roten Hirschen will be launched with a TV advert featuring Rapunzel. “By choosing Rapunzel, we’ve taken a fairy tale character everyone knows who acts out the principle of our unbeatable combination of fixed-location stores and the online shop,” explains Thomas Hesse, Media Markt Deutschland’s marketing director. “In the advert, we present in an entertaining manner the benefits of obtaining information online from MediaMarkt and at the same being able to use MediaMarkt stores for personal advice as well as to try out and purchase items.”

The ad begins with a vision straight from a fairy tale (or should that be hairy tale?): a tower on the edge of the magic forest. A long, blond plait can be seen dangling from the only window almost down to the ground. But on looking through the window, all we can see at the end of this ‘hairway to heaven’ is an empty bed – the enchanting Rapunzel’s nowhere to be seen! Where can she be? The pretty princess is finally found rocking out on her air guitar as she gyrates to the music in her headphones at MediaMarkt! Members of staff can be seen diligently carrying various electronic products to the till for her. A voice off camera says: “For those who are at home a lot, there’s the MediaMarkt online shop with home delivery. While those who’d rather try things out beforehand simply buy direct in-store.”

The campaign will run from May 17th to 29th, 2017. It’ll be accompanied at the launch by a 12-page pamphlet full of special offers – and there’ll be new ‘plait du jour’ offers at celebratory prices every day at stores and in the online shop as the campaign continues.


Responsible: Thomas Hesse, Marketing Director MediaMarkt Deutschland

Agency: Zum roten Hirschen GmbH

Creation: Jens Kurznack, Veronika Meier zu Eißen

Creation: Arndt Rossnagel 

Contact person for media

Eva Simmelbauer

+49(0)841 634-2442