Birthday money up to €500 available from MediaMarkt

Ingolstadt, 27.02.2019: MediaMarkt will be turning 40 this year – and is preparing to mark its big birthday with some amazing promotions! The first of these will begin on 28 February, when MediaMarkt will start distributing ‘birthday money’ to celebrate – and it certainly won’t be penny-pinching! Customers buying selected products will be presented with free shopping vouchers worth up to €500. There’s clearly nothing for it but to strike while the iron’s hot! The campaign will run in all 275 MediaMarkt stores in Germany and at its online shop until 4 March.

The special offers can be found in every department of MediaMarkt – and full details of all the top products available during the campaign are contained in its brand-new flyer.

Shopping vouchers worth up to €500

MediaMarkt will be generously distributing birthday money in the form of gift tokens with certain items. The value of the vouchers rises with the retail price of the articles on special offer. If the purchase price is at least €99, customers will receive a coupon worth €10. For items costing €199 and above, the value of the coupon rises to €20 – and doubles to €40 for articles costing €399 or more. The next price categories are €599, €799, €999 and €1,499 – and qualify for shopping vouchers valued at €70, €100, €150 and €250, respectively. Finally, the maximum amount of birthday money will be paid out for products costing from €1,999, with customers entitled to a €500 shopping voucher which they can redeem on their very next purchase at MediaMarkt.