10 startups ready for take-off – Participants of MediaMarktSaturn’s Retailtech Hub programme finalized

Ingolstadt/Munich, October 12, 2017: Offering innovations from scan-and-pay shopping solutions to market research based on a digital super-brain to video-based product reviews, MediaMarktSaturn has selected the first 10 participants of the Retailtech Hub from over 100 applicants. They’ll now participate in a three-month programme in which they’ll implement pilot projects together with MediaMarktSaturn, and thus have an opportunity to develop their business ideas to market. The choice was made following the Selection Days on September 27th, to which 30 of the applicants had been invited.

The Retailtech Hub was launched in August 2017 and is made possible by the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group in cooperation with the Plug and Play Tech Center from Silicon Valley. The participants of each round or ‘batch’ undergo a three-month programme with different focus weeks in which they work with programme mentors and coaches and attend workshops on topics such as HR, marketing, funding, business development and operations. The main element is a joint pilot project with MediaMarktSaturn and other retailers, in which the innovations can be trialled on customers. At the end of the three months, a Demo Day is staged where the startups showcase themselves to decision-makers from MediaMarktSaturn and Plug and Play, support and retail partners, and also the startup and investor scene.

Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and CEO of the Retailtech Hub, said: “We were thrilled by the diversity, creativity and professionalism of the participants at Selection Day. They impressively show how just large the potential for innovation in retail is. Being an international platform for the retail sector, the Retailtech Hub is ideal for forward-thinking companies and dedicated startups to develop to market. What’s more, we and other retailers offer a unique opportunity here to try out new business models and ideas from the batch in a practical, store-based setting as well.”

The following startups are taking part in the Retailtech Hub:

Combyne (www.combyne.com) is an app which allows clothing from online shops to be mixed and matched with garments from your own wardrobe. You can then receive feedback on your new outfit from your own community. The advantages for retailers are that it grants them deep insights into customers’ behaviour and enables them to spot local trends early on.

MishiPay (www.mishipay.com) is a theft-proof scan, pay and leave shopping solution. Customers can scan the label, pay and leave the shop without having to queue up at the checkout, while shoplifting is prevented thanks to technologies like RFID.

Neuro Flash (www.neuro-flash.com) supports evidence-based marketing by means of data science. Neuro-Flash has trained a supercomputer to see the world just as irrationally as humans do! This approach enables consumers’ subconscious opinions all over the world to be anticipated – and it’s faster and cheaper than traditional market research.

OKIKO (www.okiko.com) provides a secure online payment method for children and teenagers. Using smart content filtering of online purchases, it can make sure that only age-appropriate items are purchased. This grants online retailers secure, trusted access to a new customer segment.

parcelLab (www.parcellab.com) optimizes the dispatch service in e-commerce by means of a cloud solution for smart parcel monitoring and targeted customer communication during the delivery process. Using parcelLab, online retailers can control their customers’ post-purchase experience without losing this important touchpoint to logistics providers.

Rapitag (www.rapitag.com) offers a smart security label for products, e.g. in fashion retail. The customer pays at the display rack using an app, the label is then unlocked, and the customer can leave the shop with the item. No queuing for customers – and total security for retailers.

store2be (www.store2be.com) is an online booking platform for marketing, roadshow and sales spaces in shopping centres, retail stores and other bricks-and-mortar premises such as health clubs and cinemas. By providing a link between tenants and landlords, store2be simplifies the booking of store-in-store spaces for targeted, measurable live communication and offline marketing.

Streetspotr (www.streetspotr.com) is a crowdsourcing platform in which ordinary shoppers give feedback via the app on, say, the availability of certain products or the implementation of promotional campaigns. Manufacturers and retailers receive the opinions of genuine customers as well as real-time info on the local situation without having to make regular inspections.

Traxas Media (www.traxas.de) implements advertising campaigns with real-time analysis techniques for the POS as well as digital outdoor advertising. Visitors become an active part of animated adverts. The content of animated adverts is adapted dynamically using various physical features and location-based data. This makes advertising more engaging and hence more effective.

Weview (www.weview.tv) is a platform for video reviews of products. Anyone can earn money with their product recommendations and receive test items. Viewers in turn can find out about products and buy them within the video at one of 100,000 partner shops.