€101,000 for a good cause

Ingolstadt, 5 March 2018: The sum of €101,000 donated by staff at the Christmas party was presented today at the MediaMarktSaturn Campus to 39 charitable organizations based in the Ingolstadt Region.

The annual Christmas raffle has become a much-loved tradition. By buying tickets at the Christmas party, MediaMarktSaturn employees donated a record-breaking €101,000 to charitable institutions in the region. And once again, they also helped choose the beneficiaries, for they were invited to nominate non-profit associations and organizations in the region which in their view merited support. Representatives of the 39 charities selected and MediaMarktSaturn employees were invited to the presentation ceremony held at the MediaMarktSaturn Campus.

“Whether children, adolescents, or the needy and the sick, our employees feel a close bond with the region and are keen to help those in difficult circumstances who require assistance. We’re particularly delighted that this time we’ve managed to collect over €100,000,” declared Pieter Haas, CEO of CECONOMY AG and the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group.

See below for a complete list of the beneficiaries:

The sum of €10,000 was presented to:

  • Hollerhaus Ingolstadt (centre for people with physical and multiple disabilities)

The sum of €5,000 was presented to each of the following:

  • Ingolstadt Alzheimer’s Society
  • Ingenium Foundation for People with Dementia
  • Verein Familien in Not (aid for families in need)

The sum of €2,000 was presented to each of the following:

  • AWO Remedial Day-Care Centre
  • AWO Social Therapy Facilities
  • Caritas-Zentrum St Vinzenz (school for special educational needs)
  • Cf-initiative-aktiv (help for children with cystic fibrosis)
  • Elisa Familiennachsorge (support for families with very sick children)
  • Emmi Böck School Friends’ Association
  • Goals for Kids
  • Ingolstadt Hospice Association
  • Ingolstädter Tafel (food bank)
  • Insel (assistance for people with mental disorders)
  • Integra Social Services
  • Johann Nepomuk von Kurz School
  • Jugendarbeit St Anton (youth work)
  • JuZe Greenhaus (youth club)
  • Kinderkrippe 4 Elemente (nursery school)
  • KlinikClowns Bavaria (hospital clowns)
  • Kriseninterventionsdienst Ingolstadt (crisis intervention)
  • Morgentau Kinder (assistance for children in hospital)
  • MS Selbsthilfegruppe Sonnenschein (multiple sclerosis self-help group)
  • Neuburg-Schrobenhausen Hospice Association
  • Offene Jugendarbeit Südost (youth work)
  • Polio Selbsthilfegruppe Ingolstadt (polio self-help group)
  • Protestant Youth Welfare Friends’ Association
  • Psychosocial Cancer Counselling Centre of the Bavarian Cancer Society
  • Regenbogen Wohnen gGmbH (assistance for people with mental disorders)
  • Sophie Scholl School Friends’ Association
  • Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen (welfare for Catholic women)
  • Straßenambulanz St Franziskus (welfare centre for the homeless)
  • Support Association for Cancer Patients in the Ingolstadt Region
  • Verein ‘Hilfe für das behinderte Kind’ (aid for disabled children)
  • Verein Jugendhilfe Region 10 (youth welfare)
  • Verein Leben Retten (aid for people in need)
  • Wirbelwind Ingolstadt (prevention of violence, helpline)
  • Women’s Counselling Centre Friends’ Association
  • Zamor (counselling centre following stroke and brain injury)