“You can do more” – Saturn uses emotive stories to make technology palpable

Ingolstadt, 30.10.2017: How does a man stage a romantic marriage proposal with a drone? Are VR headsets the new photo album that can bring memories to life? Can a vacuum cleaner turn monsters into friends? And can a new washing machine bring neighbours together? In these touching TV adverts, Saturn will be showing in its new annual campaign how tech products can create moments of happiness with great emotional impact – and how people “can do more” in the truest sense. Developed by Jung von Matt, the campaign will spotlight Saturn’s new brand positioning ‘Live and experience technology’ from November 1st, 2017 until the end of July 2018.

As many as four different TV commercials will tell stories in which people with charming ideas are driven by a desire to help others – or even by love – to surpass themselves as they use technology to create moving, special moments for people close to them. As a result, the central characters become everyday heroes. They bring their ideas to life with practical household appliances or high-tech devices, each of which plays a prominent role in one of the stories. “Technology is playing an increasingly important role in people’s lives. Our films show in a very subtle yet very striking way how technology can enrich our lives, for thanks to technology our stories have a happy ending,” said Thorsten Eder, Head of Marketing Saturn Germany. “By the way, we’re already taking this tack in the latest issue of Saturn’s print magazine TURN ON with the title ‘Why technology makes us happy’.”

“The campaign is intended to make Saturn’s new brand core ‘Live and experience technology’ palpable,” explained Carsten Strese, COO of MediaMarktSaturn Germany, who is responsible for Saturn’s sales. “It represents both the fact that we turn technology into an experience for our customers and the outstanding role played by technology in people’s lives today. This brand positioning is the logical development of our previous brand attribute ‘Enthusiasm for technology’, which we successfully implemented in corresponding campaigns over the past few years. Nowadays, people and their individual experiences of technology are at the focus of our brand more than ever. This approach shows that our products and services are more than just functional and can generate very personal tech experiences.”

The individual adverts

Anna (89-second short)

A grown-up daughter visits her elderly father in his nursing home. He doesn’t recognize her and sits sadly in his room, lost in thought. His daughter goes home in distress. But on her next visit, she puts a VR headset on her father. He suddenly finds himself back in his old life again and sees his then-young wife, his house, and his child as a baby, as a little girl, and then as a young woman. As his memories return, he recognizes his daughter again and they embrace.


A young couple are standing on the roof of a tall building in a big city. The man covers his girlfriend’s eyes and hands her a gift. Beaming with joy, she unwraps it – but looks disappointed to discover it’s a drone. But seemingly unperturbed, her boyfriend launches the drone. He hands her a tablet computer and she views what the drone can see from the air. Two words made up of countless lights can be seen on the roof of the building: “Marry me”. Overwhelmed by her feelings, she flings her arms around his neck in joy.


A small boy is lying in bed. He can’t get to sleep because he’s afraid of the monsters which come out from under his bed at night time. His father tries to explain to him that monsters can also become friends. Although the boy doesn’t believe him, the father persuades him to try it. When he’s alone, the boy puts a box of toys and biscuits underneath his bed and then runs off and jumps into his father’s bed to sleep there. The father takes a vacuum cleaner into his son’s room…. The next morning, the boy pulls the box out from under his bed. All that’s inside it is a note bearing the word: ‘Friends’. On the carpet, large monster footprints can be seen leading away from the bed. His father stands in the doorway and smiles – for in the night, he used the vacuum cleaner to create the footsteps on the carpet.


An elderly man is tossing and turning in bed, unable to get to sleep because of a deafening sound. We see what’s making all the noise: an old washing machine next door. In a fury, the man gets up and goes up to his neighbour’s front door. He’s about to ring the bell, when through the letterbox he sees a young woman sitting in the hall sorting a huge pile of laundry. The man returns to his flat thoughtfully. In the next shot, we see a finger pressing the doorbell of the neighbouring apartment. The young woman opens the door, only to discover that it wasn’t the old man who rang, but a parcel delivery man bringing her a new washing machine. The old man comes up the stairs, his glance meets that of his neighbour. She smiles incredulously in gratitude. Instead of complaining, the man has given the single mum next door a brand new washing machine.

Thomas Strerath (Director) and Magnus Hoeltke (Planning Director) at advertising agency Jung von Matt were responsible for the campaign strategy. Creation was headed by Götz Ulmer (Director of Creation) and Jens Pfau (Head of Creation JvM/Next Alster). The cinema-quality shorts were shot by film production company tempomedia. Behind the camera was eminent director Alex Feil, who has already made commercials with Alice Cooper and Bill Kaulitz for Saturn. The adverts will be screened on television and at the cinema, and also shown on saturn.de and on social media platforms.

The campaign will launch on November 1st, when ‘Anna’ is shown as an 89-second short simultaneously on all commercial TV channels at the ideal transmission time: 8.13pm.