“OK, Google, talk to MediaMarkt!”: Find just the right TV for you via Google Assistant

Ingolstadt, 17.06.2019: MediaMarkt is now offering another service via the Google Assistant. Customers can find the perfect television for themselves by using MediaMarkt’s voice-controlled TV product adviser. The digital sales assistant uses a series of questions to pinpoint the right TV that suits them. Afterwards, they can also use a voice command to be taken to MediaMarkt’s online shop. The use of voice-activated virtual assistants is an important building block within MediaMarkt’s multichannel strategy. In fact, MediaMarkt was one of the first consumer electronics retailers in Germany to start offering services via the Google Assistant. It’s already been doing so for a few years now and is continually expanding them.

“OK, Google, talk to MediaMarkt!” Customers who say this to their Google Home speaker or any other device with Google Assistant can now find their dream TV with the aid of MediaMarkt’s TV adviser. It has access to the entire range of TVs in MediaMarkt’s online shop. The digital assistant asks various questions regarding the sort of TV the customer has in mind, such as: What size screen should it have? What resolution? And how much are you willing to spend? It then goes into features like Bluetooth, reception type, and preferences for particular brands. After just a few minutes, it recommends the TV set which meets the customer’s individual requirements. The virtual shop assistant can then also respond to a voice command to put the selected television into the customer’s shopping cart – and another command is all it takes to order it. The TV can then be collected and paid for in the MediaMarkt store specified by the customer.

Digital dialogue on all mobile devices with Google Assistant

This digital dialogue isn’t limited to the Google Home smart speaker, Google Home Mini or Google Nest Hub. In fact, MediaMarkt’s TV adviser can be activated on any smartphone or mobile device on which the Google Assistant app has been installed.

Buy electronics bargains, enter competitions, and find your nearest MediaMarkt

The virtual assistant also has many other practical features. Since last year, electronics fans have been able to find inexpensive items under ‘Bargain of the Day’ and order them by voice control for collection in a MediaMarkt store of their choice. Users can take part in competitions to win fantastic prizes. And anyone seeking their nearest MediaMarkt can easily do so with the virtual assistant – all by simply saying: “OK, Google, talk to MediaMarkt!”