“Geiz ist geil” (‘Stinginess is cool’) again at Saturn for three weeks!

Ingolstadt, 15.08.2017: The slogan “Geiz ist geil” (‘Stinginess is cool’) hit the nail on the head like no other in Germany at the beginning of the millennium when bargain-hunting became a lifestyle and stinginess was sexy. But who originally dreamed up the saying which went on to make advertising history? That’s right – consumer electronics retailer Saturn! Top tech at super-low prices is the order of the day in Saturn’s latest sales promotion. And the special offers are so sensational that one of Saturn’s best-known advertising slogans has been brought back. “Stinginess is cool” is being trumpeted again by adverts on TV and radio as Saturn announces selected products at bargain prices. They’re available between August 15th and September 4th from all Saturn stores in Germany and also online at www.saturn.de.



It’s hard to believe that fifteen years have already passed since Saturn first launched its German advertising slogan “Geiz ist geil” (‘Stinginess is cool’). Originally intended simply as a humorous, exaggerated phrase to sum up shrewd shopping, the slogan soon made advertising history at the start of the new millennium – and has long been a German catchphrase.

Saturn is now reviving its slogan for its latest discount campaign – and for good reason. During the special promotion running from 8am on August 15th to 8pm on September 4th, top tech products will be on offer for incredible prices. This spectacular sales campaign will take place in three stages. It’ll kick off on August 15th with four unbeatable bargains: a PlayStation 4 Pro bundle featuring 1 terabyte of storage capacity along with the revised classic Crash Bandicoot for €333, the iPhone 6 with 32 gigabytes of internal memory for €369, the Samsung 55-inch MU 6179 UHD television for just €679, and the Acer Aspire ES 1-57230K0 notebook for €333.

In the following week starting at 8pm on August 22nd, tech fans can look forward to four more special offers in their local Saturn store, including a 65-inch TV and a washing machine. And during the third week starting at 8pm on August 29th, there’ll be a dazzling display of other cool tech products at cool prices. But that’s not all – for throughout the campaign, there’ll also be additional special offers both in-store and online!

The bargains will be available from Saturn stores during regular opening hours from August 16th until September 2nd. In Saturn’s web shop, the campaign will launch at 8pm on Tuesday, August 15th and end at 9am on Monday, September 4th. But don’t delay – for Saturn anticipates heavy demand for its top sellers!