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Package delivery made easy

Collaboration with startup parcelLab

Package delivery made easy


“When’s my parcel finally going to arrive?” This is the main question people ask after ordering something online. To make sure customers always know exactly where their parcel is, the online shops of MediaMarkt and Saturn in Germany are now collaborating with the Munich startup parcelLab. Customers are told directly by the retailer everything they need to know about the delivery. They also receive options for short-term delivery alternatives and the possibility of direct feedback. Moreover, MediaMarkt and Saturn offer customers additional useful information about the items they’ve ordered – including a portal devoted to smart consumer electronics. By taking this step, MediaMarkt and Saturn intend to further raise customers’ satisfaction with their purchase and also stay in direct touch with them after checkout instead of delegating communication to logistics contractors. This is enabled by parcelLab’s cloud solution for smart parcel monitoring and focused customer communication during the delivery process.

Every month, MediaMarkt and Saturn send up to 400,000 shipment notifications via parcelLab, which participated in the first batch of the Retailtech Hub accelerator programme. “Being a multichannel retailer, we see ourselves as partners and companions of our customers in all phases of the customer journey,” explained Mirko Nägele, COO Purchasing & Supply Chain MediaMarktSaturn Germany. “Reliable delivery and accurate communication after purchase are an important aspect in this regard. Thanks to smart parcel communication, we can give our customers an outstanding shipping experience.”

Useful information about the purchase

The day before delivery, MediaMarkt or Saturn notifies the customer of the planned delivery slot. If a customer already knows they won’t be at home, they can immediately choose another delivery option. In addition, MediaMarkt and Saturn offer customers further useful information about their purchase. For example, buyers of ‘smart home’ devices are referred to the portal, where they can find out all they need to know about smart consumer electronics.

System explains collection options

If for some reason the courier fails to meet the customer despite a delivery option having been individually specified, the system explains the collection options to the customer – and to avoid any mishaps, also informs them about the current weather at the collection point! A few days after the parcel has arrived, the customer is asked by email whether they are pleased with their purchase and to rate the online shop. And since the whole process is carried out using the typical MediaMarkt or Saturn corporate design, customers aren’t put off by an unfamiliar format.

Boost customer loyalty

Tobias Buxhoidt, CEO of parcelLab, had this to say: “Most online shops focus on the purchasing experience of their web shop and often completely neglect the last mile to the customer. We’re certain that our solution provides genuine added value for customers and retailers alike. Customers receive detailed information about where their parcel is, while retailers are given an additional communication channel helping them boost customer loyalty.”

Part of the Retailtech Hub

The startup parcelLab took part in the first batch of the Retailtech Hub accelerator programme. “Via our platform, we’re reducing the time taken for startups’ innovations to be used by established retailers – to the benefit of their customers. parcelLab is a very good example of how this can be achieved,” declared Thorsten Marquardt, Managing Director of the Retailtech Hub. The Retailtech Hub is an innovation platform bringing together retailers, brands and selected startups to test and pilot new technologies and digital business models. It was launched in August 2017 and is made possible by the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group in cooperation with the Plug and Play Tech Center from Silicon Valley and partners the s.Oliver Group, the Schwarz Group with Lidl and Kaufland, and property management company Aachener Grundvermögen. The core elements are a three-month mentoring programme with special emphasis on business development, and concrete pilot projects. In addition, the Retailtech Hub is a network for open communication among companies in the retail sector.