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How we live up to our responsibilities

Our sustainability strategy

As Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer we are committed to playing a leading role in addressing the most important global challenges – for people, communities and the environment alike. Our core instruments consist in how we function, how we guide our employees on sustainability issues for success and the way we educate consumers on all aspects of sustainability regarding consumer electronics.


Our sustainability strategy is based on two main pillars:

  • We aim to strengthen the sustainability of our operations. To do this, we have set targets to reduce carbon emissions and packaging waste, to ensure labor rights and human rights in the supply chain of our own brands and our suppliers, and to ensure a diverse workforce.
  • We aim to enable a sustainable lifestyle for our customers. To this end we’re expanding our sustainable product range, doing a better job of explaining to our customers the value of resource-saving goods consumption and, in this context, offering our customers the opportunity to reuse, repair or recycle their products.

To achieve this, we have developed concrete measures around climate protection, sustainable products and resource-conserving services, and are committed to the issues of diversity, suppliers and society. These measures are underlined by our commitment to important initiatives and networks such as the European Commission’s Green Consumption Pledge.


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Our sustainability report

Unsere Maßnahmen im Bereich Nachhaltigkeit sind messbar. Diese Ergebnisse konnten wir im letzten Geschäftsjahr bereits erzielen.