Media-Saturn Increases its Support of ERC Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt, 19 July 2016: In a long-term agreement, Media-Saturn has extended its support as a main sponsor of the DEL club ERC Ingolstadt. Starting with the 2016/17 season, Media-Saturn will expand its sponsoring activities with the 2014 German ice hockey champion and focus on the Saturn brand in the future. Saturn was given far-reaching advertising rights for this. In addition, the partnership will also include many more activation and incentive measures. Besides the Saturn brand, Media-Saturn’s digital entertainment platform JUKE will also be advertised on the ERC’s jerseys in the future. The parties agreed that the details of the arrangement are to remain confidential.

  • Extension and expansion of sponsoring agreement
  • Future focus on the Saturn brand
  • Entertainment portal JUKE also present on ERC jerseys
  • Media Markt concentrates on sponsorship of FC Ingolstadt 04 at that location

In line with its two-brand strategy, Media-Saturn’s sponsoring of sports teams at the Ingolstadt location will therefore concentrate on the ERC Ingolstadt for Saturn while Media Markt focuses on its support of the national league soccer team FC Ingolstadt 04 as a main sponsor and official jersey sponsor.

Wolfgang Kirsch, CEO of Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH: “We’re pleased with the closer partnership with ERC Ingolstadt - a partnership that has already existed for around 20 years. Ice hockey fits perfectly with Saturn: It stands for dynamics, technology, and a great deal of passion. Our increased support of ERC Ingolstadt is therefore a one hundred percent investment in the Saturn brand’s position, a brand that stands for enthusiasm for technology.”

With its increased support for the ERC, Saturn wants to build its brand more emotionally. The advertising spaces used by Media Markt in the Saturn Arena up to now will be taken over by Saturn with the logo and the claims “Soo! muss Technik.” (That’s how technology should be!) and “Technik mit Leidenschaft!” (Technology with Passion!). Both Saturn VIP booths will also be completely re-designed and stocked with state-of-the-art technology such as tablets, flat screens, smart phone charging station, a Nespresso corner, and LED lighting.

Besides Saturn, in the upcoming season JUKE will also be represented on the DEL club’s jerseys. JUKE is Media-Saturn Deutschland’s digital entertainment platform. More than 40 million songs, 15,000 films and series, 1.5 million e-books and 2,400 games and software applications can be digitally borrowed, bought, and consumed on JUKE. JUKE also presents itself on an advertising panel right in front of the coaches’ bench and will be included in the entertainment program at home games.

“By sponsoring sports at the Ingolstadt location, we would also like to continue to enhance our profile as an attractive employer,” stated Thomas Wünnenberg, who is the CFO of Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH and responsible for human resources. “That is why we include our employees and stores in the Ingolstadt region in our numerous campaigns, and by expanding our partnership with the ERC we have created additional opportunities for this.”

Claus Gröbner, Managing Director of ERC Ingolstadt, added: “For the ERC Ingolstadt, this comprehensive agreement with Media-Saturn as one of our main sponsors gives us financial stability and security in long-term planning with a signal effect for the ERC’s entire environment. The new agreement means a sustainable strengthening of a close partnership with the Media-Saturn-Holding that has evolved historically, and we are all looking forward to an even closer partnership. Saturn and the ERC are two strong brands in Ingolstadt that are closely connected and an excellent fit.