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MediaMarkt Truck becomes an exhibit

In the technik museum in Speyer

MediaMarkt-Truck becomes an exhibit

What do the Kelly Family, a Buran space shuttle and MediaMarkt all have in common? That’s right: Speyer Museum of Technology! Apart from exhibits from Russian space exploration, a Boeing 747, and the houseboat once inhabited by the Kelly Family, the legendary MediaMarkt truck has now also gone into retirement there. This ultimate tech truck, which was last seen out on tour as a mobile virtual reality world, is now another must-see in this prominent museum of technology.

About an hour’s drive away from Frankfurt, Speyer Museum of Technology has acquired an excellent reputation among tech fans from all over the world. Here in the charming region of Palatinate, there’s a whole raft of fascinating highlights to be seen. A U9 submarine lies alongside a Boeing 747 and the original Buran spaceplane. It’s therefore only logical that what is possibly Germany’s most unique truck will now take its last exit there: the MediaMarkt Truck devised by top designer Luigi Colani.

This semitrailer truck has been used by MediaMarkt since 2013. Initially intended as a mobile consumer electronics showroom as part of a major advertising campaign, the truck subsequently journeyed across Germany on several occasions, including in connection with the 2014 World Cup, with ski-jumper Eddie the Eagle, and to tie in with several Bundesliga football matches. Featuring a very special trailer, the truck certainly has impressive dimensions: it's 18.50 metres long, weighs around 23 tonnes, and with a rating of 380 horsepower, it’s certainly shaken Germany's motorways in recent years! It includes a large, hydraulically controlled loudspeaker which ascends through the roof up to an incredible height of 6 metres. So much tech is pretty extraordinary, even for Eddie the Eagle! Perhaps the most legendary ski jumper in the world, Eddie looked awestruck when he was accompanied by the MediaMarkt truck during his ski jumping event at the Four Hills Tournament in 2013/2014. And until recently, the truck’s interior was also packed with tech, for from 2016 it was out and about in Germany as MediaMarkt’s virtual reality mobile. From its vibration racing seat and Oculus Rift VR headsets to its 55" screens and dedicated gaming area, this was where every virtual reality wish came true.

“We’re very proud of the mission accomplished by our MediaMarkt truck over the past few years. It’s driven nearly half a million kilometres up and down Germany. Now it’s time to go into well-earned retirement – and we couldn’t have wished for a better place than Speyer Museum of Technology,” said Günter Grimm, regional manager of MediaMarkt, at the truck’s handover. Michael Stiller, exhibit manager at Speyer Museum of Technology, was very excited about this stunning new arrival. “The MediaMarkt Truck wrote mobile tech history – not only as the truck itself, but because it fascinated countless people throughout Germany with its display of technology on board. We’re delighted to be able to display this exceptional truck in our museum fleet!”

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