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MediaMarkt Cooking Show celebrates ‘centenary’

100th edition screened

MediaMarkt Cooking Show celebrates ‘centenary’

On 11 February, the MediaMarkt Cooking Show celebrated a very special occasion when its 100th edition was streamed on and

Every other Monday, celebrity chef Ralf Jakumeit and his guests on the MediaMarkt Cooking Show conjure up tasty meals which viewers can replicate at home. And they don’t just demonstrate their cooking skills in the Munich studio, but also up close and personal at MediaMarkt stores and also exhibitions such as the annual consumer electronics trade show IFA.

It all began on 19 October 2014 in a small show kitchen at cookware manufacturer ELO. At that time, the programme was still known as Chat-Cooking. In 2016, it moved into its own studio at Redblue in Munich. From the outset, the audience adored the show’s format of straightforward cooking in a relaxed atmosphere.

Barbara Bresser, a prominent figure in the creative, culinary scene, was one of those handling cooking on the show. Interestingly, she had never attended formal training and was completely self-taught.

Barbara was joined by Dominik Wetzel. Inspired by his grandmother, he completed his cooking apprenticeship at the age of 15 and was a true chef who put his heart and soul into every dish. As he expressed it: “Cooking means passion, love and plenty of imagination with a pinch of individuality and inventiveness!” The show’s presenter was Bruno Schulz.

Ralf Jakumeit has been an integral part of the show since the fifth episode, cooking delicious dishes to inspire amateur chefs ever since. With over 300,000 viewers and about 1,500 questions asked live on the show so far, the MediaMarkt Cooking Show has become a household name. ‘Rocking Chefs’ Ralf Jakumeit and Hannes Rauscher continue to regularly delight viewers online and in the studio with their appetizing recipes. And they’re frequently assisted by a stream of celebrity guests all keen to add their own personal touch.

Have we aroused your appetite?

The 100th show can be seen again here in its entirety:

Dennis, the show’s founder, talks about its beginnings:

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