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It’s all about you having fun!

Whatever fun means to customers, MediaMarkt and its employees do everything they can to offer them an enjoyable shopping experience in every respect. With more than 800 stores with sales areas of up to 10,000 square metres in 14 countries, average product portfolios of 45,000 different items, and an integrated online offering, this is a retail brand whose extraordinary history of growth has gripped the industry for over 35 years.


Innovative, customer-focused and competitive, MediaMarkt is continuously expanding its position as Europe’s number one consumer electronics retailer. The swirl in the MediaMarkt logo is characteristic of the entire company – for its constantly low prices and succinct advertising constantly ‘swirl’ up the consumer electronics sector. The range of goods stocked at MediaMarkt is enormous. From smartphones to tablets, washing machines to fully automatic coffee machines, hi-fi systems to giant TVs, MediaMarkt’s fixed-location stores always contain the latest brand name products from the realms of consumer electronics, telecoms and domestic appliances. 


Whether in-store, online or mobile, questions need answers whenever they arise: when customers are out shopping, when it’s convenient for them, and wherever they happen to be. MediaMarkt grasped this early on – and in recent years it has developed into the leading multichannel retailer. In almost all countries where MediaMarkt operates, its stores are closely linked to online shops. The biggest selection for the best prices with the best service is now available in-store, mobile and online.


For example, customers can choose whether to have purchases delivered to their home or to pick them up in a nearby store, regardless of whether they were ordered in-store, on the Internet, or on a mobile device while out and about. Thanks to this integration, MediaMarkt is completing its transformation into a true multichannel provider, enabling it to profit from the growing popularity of online shopping.