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ISY ink cartridges become "green": good for the environment and the wallet

Millions of ink cartridges are consumed year after year in Germany. This not only costs money, but also poses a considerable environmental problem - especially when used printer cartridges end up in household waste. With the new remanufactured ink cartridges from ISY, MediaMarkt and Saturn now offer their customers a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

Whether holiday photos, online tickets or official letters: For many people there is no way around their own printer today. More than 3.5 million printers, copiers and multifunction devices are sold every year in Germany. Customers want compact, durable and inexpensive devices - and they have learned that you can't think of the printer without the cartridge. After all, it's the cartridges that make the difference - they are the printer's "consumables". Germany alone consumes incredibly 100 million printer cartridges every year!​

The problem is that most of these cartridges (80%) end up directly in the household waste after use. But cartridges for ink and laser printers are far too good to throw away: They consist of very valuable materials, some of which are elaborately produced and are easy to reuse and recycle. No wonder that new disposable cartridges are relatively expensive. It's a good thing that there are smarter ways now.

Refill: no cartridge has to be thrown away anymore!

When it comes to refill, many customers listen up, because they can save money with it. Re-filled recycling cartridges ("remanufactured" or "reprocessed") are not only considerably cheaper than the original cartridges of the manufacturer. They are even cheaper than the compatible cartridges of third party manufacturers - because these also have the first production effort, just like the expensive original.

MediaMarktSaturn's own brand ISY now relies on high-quality remanufactured and refillable ink cartridges. These are now available for many printers of well-known brands such as Brother, Canon, Epson and HP. And that without quality disadvantages: ISY promises its customers the highest print quality at a lower page printing price. Because with the Refill cartridges at least the same number of pages can be printed as with the original toner.

How easy ISY works: consumer-friendly AND environment-friendly

Customers can easily and conveniently return their empty cartridges to all MediaMarkt and Saturn stores via ISY collection boxes and immediately receive a remanufactured cartridge - cheaper and more environmentally friendly than from the original manufacturer. In the background, IMTRON ensures that the collected cartridges are remanufactured and the recyclable cartridges refilled. To be sold in MediaMarkt and Saturn stores again in the end. This means that no cartridges have to end up in household waste.

recycling ink cartridges

ISY-Refill: Recycling economy instead of disposable economy

Recycled ink cartridges are not only convincing in price and performance, they also leave far less waste. With over 100 million cartridges per year, ISY cartridges ensure that entire mountains of rubbish disappear. And what's more, because certain toner cartridges have to be disposed of as hazardous waste (some even contain toxic waste), remanufactured cartridges also reduce the need to deal with expensive hazardous waste.

Incidentally, waste disposal companies are not only complaining about the problematic substances in printer cartridges, which make disposal so time-consuming and expensive for municipalities and thus taxpayers. They also complain that more than three-quarters of the cartridges (80% according to AWM) are not disposed of properly, but simply thrown into the household waste. Although this is forbidden, it is difficult to control and prevent in practice.

The remanufactured ISY ink cartridges make an important contribution to the sustainable recycling economy. But that's not all: ISY also focuses on sustainability when it comes to packaging: It consists of 100% recycled paper, which is produced and processed in Germany.

An all-round sustainable concept!