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Our way to the data-driven organization

Interview with Johannes Wechsler

Interview with Johannes Wechsler

Everyone is talking about data. They also play an important role for MediaMarktSaturn. Johannes Wechsler, Managing Director at MediaMarktSaturn Technology, explains in an interview how our customers benefit from the data analysis and what challenges lie ahead. Digital Welt Magazin asked him about data analysis, startups and DigiCon.


"For us at MediaMarktSaturn, analytics - the analysis of data - is very important in order to further improve the experience for our customers. We want to make sure that we always have the right products in the right place, that we approach our customers the way they expect and respond to their personal needs", says Johannes Wechsler. "Analytics is an important tool for that."

The goal is clear: "We already have some exciting applications. We want to expand that because we want to develop into a data-driven organization. That's our way", says the Managing Director at MediaMarktSaturn Technology.

For that you need a lot of data, which is a challenge. "With the MediaMarkt Club and the Saturn Card, however, we already have great loyalty programs, through which we have already learned a lot about our customers and their buying behavior", explains Wechsler. Our loyalty programs are already launched in ten countries and have over 25 million members.

However, a comprehensive application of analytics requires completely digitized processes. This becomes apparent, for example, from the electronic price tags, which are located in the markets on each product and can be changed within a short time.

Johannes Wechsler concludes: "A swift implementation of analytics projects requires a tightly anchored, agile IT organization. Analytics must arrive in the minds. Decisions must be made on a data-driven basis."


Video interview (german language):

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Technology makes customers happy

Better product recommendations, faster delivery, and more tailor-made availability - Technology is becoming the main distinguishing feature between different retailers in the digital commerce world. As a result, MediaMarktSaturn is increasingly developing into a technology-driven company. 

Scrum is on the agenda

They sit together and work together and everyone has a very specific role - for the employees at MediaMarktSaturn Technology, working in so-called Product Teams is nothing new. It’s the core element of the collaborative unit known as a ‘Scrum’, which is intended to create synergy and enable teams to develop solutions quickly and independently.