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How are innovations created?

Interview with CINO Martin Wild

Interview with Chief Innovation Officer Martin Wild

Digital growth is one of MediaMarktSaturn's strategic focal points. Innovations therefore play a major role. Which innovation projects exist in the company and how has innovation changed over the years?  The accelerator "Startupbootcamp" has asked Martin Wild, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), these questions in an interview.

The Startupbootcamp is a kind of intensive training camp for young entrepreneurs. In three months, the start-ups should develop to the point where they are ready to convince investors of their merits.

In its series "Empowering Innovators", the Accelerator invites top executives from various industries who are involved in corporate innovation.

In an interview with Patrick de Zeeuw, CEO of Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam, Martin Wild explains how MediaMarktSaturn reacts to the latest technological trends and gives an insight into his personal career...


Here's the first part of the interview with Martin Wild:

Here's the second part of the interview with Martin Wild:

Pioneer of digitalization


The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is a pioneer in the digitalization of retail and stands for innovation in all areas: its products and services, its in-store systems, and its business models.

Startups present innovations for retail

“Digitalization in retail” – Martin Wild and Marc Knoppe present their joint book on retail in the digital world