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Coffee machine saviours

Top service for coffee machines


Coffee machine saviours

For many people, a cup of coffee, be it espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato, is the ultimate pick-me-up. Every year, Germans drink on average 162 litres of coffee. But these days, coffee has become more than just a stimulating hot drink. Coffee is on-trend and all the rage!

Even private coffee-lovers have long been taking a more professional approach to their favourite drink, spending good money on not just machines but also expertise. For example, the German Barista School holds introductory courses for ambitious amateur baristas keen to learn how to conjure up the perfect cappuccino and how to handle the increasingly sophisticated high-tech machines in order to ensure a flow of exquisitely enjoyable espresso etc. But what can they do if no coffee at all flows out of their beloved yet pricey machines?

Whenever the coffeemaker packs up, it’s a terrible start to the day. But even the best machines sometimes stop working for no apparent reason. Coffee and espresso machines have to withstand all sorts of stress: a pressure of 15 bars, continuous use at maximum temperatures, and a grinder that places enormous strain on the motor every single day. It’s therefore no wonder that even some top-of-the-line models get temperamental!

But if your coffee machine breaks down, do you always have to throw it away and buy a new one? Thankfully, no, because repairs are now all part of the service at MediaMarkt and Saturn.

In expert hands! Coffee machine repairs at MediaMarkt and Saturn

MediaMarkt and Saturn fix coffee machines quickly and for a guaranteed fixed price. Repairs are carried out by trained specialists at MediaMarktSaturn’s own centre of excellence. Faulty coffee machines are restored to full working order in state-of-the-art repair shops over 1,000 square metres in size. This service has been available for a set price throughout Germany since 2015.

Customers who avail themselves of this service are entrusting their coffee machines to capable hands, for MediaMarktSaturn has been dealing with the repair of fully automatic coffee machines for almost 20 years. Its service engineers know exactly what’s what, from troubleshooting and cleaning to repair work itself. Once learned, never forgotten! Customers clearly appreciate this expertise, for in 2018, some 50,000 fully automatic machines were sent off to the company’s professional workshop in Heilbronn for repair.

Smell the coffee! All-round service at a store near you

The repair service is simple, fast, and won’t take you far out of your way. Customers can simply hand in their defective coffee machines at the service counter in their nearest store. Since they can then track the repair status on the service website, there’s no need to keep dropping by or ringing up to find out when they can pick up their machine again. They’ll quickly find that their local stores are reliable partners providing excellent aftercare making shopping worthwhile in the long run, too. For as a rule, coffee machines are repaired within just a week, and the customer is notified by email or text that their machine is ready and waiting to be collected from their chosen store. What could be simpler?!

Top service for faulty coffee machines – the full programme:

  • Fixed price of 169 € for all repairs for devices up to 10 years old
  • Owners of older devices don’t have to wave goodbye to their beloved machine either – if it’s worth repairing, MediaMarktSaturn will provide a cost estimate
  • Repairs are normally carried out within a week (they may sometimes take a little longer depending on the availability of original spare parts)
  • The repair service is available in over 430 stores throughout Germany
  • Original spares are used
  • Machines not purchased from MediaMarkt or Saturn can also be fixed
  • Repairs are covered by a 12-month warranty

“Thanks to the repair option for fully automatic coffee machines, we’re offering our customers an additional service which also reinforces our sustainability strategy,” explained Holger Böhmer, head of Services and Solutions at MediaMarktSaturn. “For one thing, customers can have their machines conveniently repaired while knowing exactly how much it will cost them. Moreover, we’re making a contribution to saving energy and resources to protect the environment.”

Replacing an appliance costs more than euros and cents

Private households’ energy consumption has been on the increase since 2015. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the energy consumption of German households rose for the third year running in 2017 to reach 679 billion kilowatt hours for heating, hot water, lighting and electrical appliances, an increase of 1.5% year on year. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to energy efficiency when purchasing electrical appliances used daily, such as fully automatic coffee machines.

Mind you, apart from their power consumption during operation, it mustn’t be forgotten that substantial energy and natural resources also go into making electrical appliances. It therefore makes ecological sense to use electrical appliances for longer – in other words, to get them repaired when necessary instead of buying new ones. And this is where the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group comes in. Its repair services save the energy which would be required to manufacture new goods and are also a much better alternative regarding CO2 emissions. When a fully automatic coffee machine is built, 32kg of CO2 is released into the atmosphere – the same amount produced by a fully automatic coffee machine over a year to make 4,800 cups of coffee.

MediaMarktSaturn is acting out of conviction in this matter, being well aware that repairing appliances is far better than throwing them away. This explains why optimizing product life cycles is one of the company’s strategic sustainability targets – and why it has been consistently expanding its repair services for years.

The repair service for fully automatic coffee machines is another milestone as MediaMarktSaturn develop into a sustainable company. What’s more, fully automatic coffee machines use less energy and are kinder to the environment than portafilter and pod machines. The customer benefits by not having to fork out for a new machine. And the environment benefits, too, since the precious resources and energy required to make a new machine are saved. Hence, every extension of the lifespan of a fully automatic coffee machine marks a valuable contribution to sustainability – a cause passionately championed by MediaMarktSaturn.


Repair service for large appliances: Great customer service – great sustainability driver

Starting in 2019, MediaMarkt and Saturn are offering customers a new service: repair services for large household appliances directly at home. This expansion adds another element to one of our most important business segments, Services and Solutions. By extending the life cycle of electrical appliances, MediaMarktSaturn is also making an important contribution towards the protection of the environment and the climate.

Sustainability at MediaMarktSaturn