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Living in Ingolstadt

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MediaMarktSaturn is based in Ingolstadt, the second biggest city in upper Bavaria. This major city on the Danube is just an hour’s drive from Munich and Nuremburg and combines history and tradition with a modern, urban atmosphere.

Historical old town, top-class sport

The historical old town, the Ingolstadt Village outlet shopping centre, and a lively selection of pubs and bars combine to give the city a very welcoming atmosphere. Other factors making the Ingolstadt region a great place to live in include the busy arts sector, numerous parks and woodlands, and of course the nearby Alps. The city’s renowned ice hockey and football teams are highly successful – and their stadiums are just around the corner from MediaMarktSaturn.

Ingolstadt’s natural surroundings

Ingolstadt is one of Bavaria’s greenest cities with a high quality of life. The Glacis, once the city’s fortification belt, today serves as the city’s green lungs. The Danube’s floodplain meadows are of high ecological significance and rank among central Europe’s most important river landscapes due to their rich biodiversity and the extensive alluvial forest. Parks and nearby quarry lakes neatly round off Ingolstadt’s ecological profile. Meanwhile, those who enjoy exercising in the great outdoors are also in for a treat. Climbing enthusiasts, for instance, will love the nearby Altmühltal valley. And if you fancy skiing or snowboarding, the mountains are less than two hours away. 

One of the strongest economic regions in Germany

More and more people are moving to Ingolstadt. In addition to the city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, one reason for this is the Ingolstadt region’s especially robust economy. To maintain this situation, MediaMarktSaturn supports the Digital Founder Centre, which was opened in 2016. It’s no coincidence that several major brands are based in Ingolstadt. MediaMarktSaturn is hence in good company here – and will continue to be so in the future.