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Time for take-off!

​The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer. We want to take off with you and enhance the digital lifes of our customers – whom we’re in touch with about 6 million times a day.

Five reasons for MediaMarktSaturn:

1. We’re one of the most digital retailers on the market! 
Whenever new technologies come up, we try to use for our customers. Virtual reality and augmented reality applications allow products to be examined before purchasing them. Robots or in-store-navigation system guide you to the desired product. All these breakthroughs have been developed by our digital and innovation experts – one of whom could soon be you! 
2. We think way beyond just selling products!

For us, our customer relationship extends far beyond sales. Content marketing offerings give customers independent product information on all channels. JUKE! provides a constant stream of digital media. Putting all the pieces together is the job of our tech professionals! 
3. We attract founders
We don’t believe we’re the only ones who know ‘how to do it’. That’s why we continue to bring founders with compelling ideas along our value chain on board. The great thing about us - our Tech Accelerator Spacelab!
4. We’re changing the face of retail across Europe
The best thing is, we’re not limited to Germany! We’re active in 15 European countries – and we’re the market leader in 9 of them. Join MediaMarktSaturn – and start actively shaping these developments! 
5. We love lateral thinkers!
Digitalization has only just begun – and we’re determined to set the pace. Together with you.