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“It’s all about you having fun!”: E-mobility at MediaMarkt and Saturn

Electromobility is still on the rise with electric cars and e-bikes increasingly out and about on the roads. Lately, electric scooters – kick scooters with built-in rechargeable batteries – have also been seen racing through the streets. And they’ve also made their way onto our shelves. What makes e-scooters so special – and what benefits do they offer in everyday life?

Electric vehicles are an important building block on the road to a green future of mobility. Unlike petrol or diesel vehicles, they don’t cause any emissions that harm the environment or the climate. Moreover, e-bikes and e-scooters are particularly sustainable because they consume less energy during their production than electric cars. Their environmental footprint is best when these electric vehicles are powered by green electricity.

What’s so special about e-scooters?

More and more companies are launching electric-powered scooters. In addition to ecological aspects, these swift street vehicles are also great fun and very flexible:

  • They can easily be combined with other means of transport – and electric scooters can be taken on public transport free of charge.

  • They’re nippy, collapsible, and therefore easy to transport.

  • Their electric assistance enables you to move comfortably and effortlessly, whether you’re on the way to work, going uphill over long stretches, or simply want a bit of fun! Depending on the model, you can travel between 20 and 50 kilometres on a single charge. And with their built-in electric motor, e-scooters have speeds of up to 40 kph.

  • Traffic jams are no problem, since e-scooters can be used on both roads and cycle lanes.

  • They’re good for your health and your wallet: you’re physically active, out in the fresh air, and don’t have to pay fares or for fuel.

For those who haven’t made up their mind yet, there’s some good news on the horizon. In Germany at least, the Ministry of Transport is planning to introduce new regulations governing the use of very small electric vehicles in road traffic in early 2019. Electric scooters will be allowed to travel at up to 20 kph on cycle lanes. If there isn’t one, they’ll have to go on the road as their use on pavements is prohibited. Moreover, certain technical requirements will be imposed. E-scooters will have to be equipped with a handlebar, two brakes, indicators, and a loud bell – and they’ll also need to have an insurance plate.

E-mobility: Also available from MediaMarkt and Saturn


For all customers who want to combine environmental protection with having fun, MediaMarkt and Saturn now stock a wide range of e-scooters from Kawasaki, CityBlitz, Inmotion, Ninebot and iconBit in their online shops. And there’s a small selection available in-store, too, for those who want to try before they buy.

Electric bicycles for long distances

Other green trend products in MediaMarkt and Saturn stores include pedelecs – bicycles fitted with a small electric motor to make pedalling easier. They include city bicycles as well as mountain bikes and trekking bikes. Compared to e-scooters, they have a significantly longer range and travel at speeds of 25–45 kph depending on the make and model.