MediaMarktSaturn is Europe’s leading commerce company for consumer electronics and related services. The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group sees itself as a partner, daily companion and navigator in the fascinating yet increasingly complex digital world. 

MediaMarktSaturn and its portfolio of formats and brands flexibly respond to the needs of different customer groups and countries. Apart from fronting the MediaMarkt and Saturn brands, which comprehensively network their some 1,000 fixed-location stores with online sales platforms, the MediaMarktSaturn Group operates online pure players such as iBood as well as the music streaming service JUKE. Moreover, its portfolio includes its own brands PEAQ, KOENIC, ISY and ok.

A subsidiary of CECONOMY AG, in 2016/17 MediaMarktSaturn and its approximately 65,000 employees in 15 countries generated total sales of about €22 billion.

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