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Sustainably inspiring

Media-Saturn sees itself as a responsible, sustainable partner as well as an everyday companion and navigator for consumers in the increasingly digital world. As a provider of products and services which have a considerable impact on society and the environment, we have also derived sustainability goals from our mission and divided them into three areas of action:


Thomas Weseloh


Thomas Weseloh
Head Sustainability,
MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

"I do my job out of conviction. As an ambassador for sustainability, I would like to inspire our employees, partners and customers to act and think responsibly on a daily basis."

We have big plans!

We intend to make sustainability an integral part of our business practices. Digitization, new service concepts and a wide range of sustainable products offer us a growing number of opportunities to assist above all our customers in sustainability-related matters and to live up to our aspiration of being a responsible company.